CM Naqvi inaugurates ‘Sehat Zindagi’ FM radio for disease prevention

sehat zindagi fm radio

LAHORE: Chief Minister (CM) Mohsin Naqvi paid a visit to the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department situated at Birdwood Road on Sunday, where he inaugurated the FM Radio ‘Sehat Zindagi.’

During his visit, CM Naqvi inspected the studios and various sections of the FM Radio ‘Sehat Zindagi.’ He actively participated in the inaugural ceremony by recording a message for the radio station, expressing his appreciation for the Health department’s commendable step.

Highlighting the significance of the newly launched FM Radio, CM Naqvi highlighted its role in raising public awareness about preventing various diseases and promoting healthcare measures. He proposed inviting specialists from diverse medical fields to contribute to informative programs on the FM Radio, ensuring the public gains awareness about health issues and their treatments.

“FM Radio will prove to be a beneficial project in the health sector,” remarked CM Naqvi, acknowledging the declining standards of the radio industry but emphasizing that FM Radio remains a popular and accessible medium, with ‘Sehat Zindagi’ reaching listeners within a 50km radius of Lahore.

The Chief Minister extended congratulations to the Provincial Minister and Secretary for Primary and Secondary Healthcare (P&SHC) for the successful launch of FM Radio ‘Sehat Zindagi.’ He envisioned the platform as a powerful tool for the health department to conduct effective awareness campaigns.

Despite facing resource challenges, Secretary Health successfully spearheaded the launch of this initiative. CM Naqvi urged that the focus of FM Radio ‘Sehat Zindagi’ should solely revolve around health-related programs, serving as a vital source of information for the public.

Updating on healthcare infrastructure, CM Naqvi revealed that several hospitals had undergone rapid upgrades, with the final phases of completion for a few others. He assured the public that hospitals not yet upgraded would be addressed in the next phase, promising the provision of new operation theatres, MRI machines, and other facilities through collaboration with the private sector.

In addition to inaugurating FM Radio ‘Sehat Zindagi,’ CM Naqvi also unveiled HRIMS, ORIM, HIDU, and a specially designed van for video link purposes, along with the coaster project. The ceremony was attended by Provincial Minister for P&SHC Dr Jamal Nasir, Chief Secretary, Secretary C&W, Secretary Health, and other officials concerned.

The event marked a significant milestone in the healthcare sector, showcasing the government’s commitment to enhancing public health awareness and infrastructure.

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