Security threat: Islamabad schools, universities closed

Islamabad schools closed

ISLAMABAD: In response to a credible security threat, several schools and universities in Islamabad have been closed, impacting the education sector in the capital city.

Authorities have taken precautionary measures to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff in the wake of a reported security threat.

The nature of the threat has not been disclosed, but the decision to close educational institutions aims to mitigate potential risks.

The closure directive encompasses several schools and universities in Islamabad particularly in F-6, F-7 and F-8 sectors , disrupting regular academic activities.

Three universities in Islamabad have been shut for an indefinite period over security concerns, according to sources within university administrations.

The administrations of Bahria, Air and National Defence Universities issued directives for the closure, they added.

The students were informed about the indefinite closure late at night by the university administration.

As per the sources, the final examinations of university students have also been affected due to the sudden closure.

In light of the security concerns, authorities have heightened security measures around educational institutions to address potential threats and reassure the public.  

Authorities are advising parents and students to stay informed through official channels regarding the reopening of educational institutions.


In response to possible security threats, sources report an intensified search operation conducted by security agencies in the suburbs of Islamabad.

The security situation in the city has been elevated, prompting authorities to put Islamabad on high alert. This decision comes in the wake of potential security concerns that necessitated proactive measures.

The search operation extended to various key areas, including Redzone, Margalla Road, Sector E Seven, and E-9, as reported by sources. Authorities concentrated their efforts in these locations to address and neutralize any potential threats.

The conducted search operation is part of broader security measures undertaken by the agencies to preemptively address any emerging threats.

While the specific details of the threats are not disclosed, security agencies continue to remain vigilant, responding swiftly to potential risks and taking necessary actions to ensure the security of the capital city.

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