Section 144 imposed in Bannu, Lakki Marwat


BANNU: The district administration of Bannu has taken stringent measures to address security concerns by imposing Section 144 until February 19. The directive prohibits the public display of weapons, the use of tinted glasses, and the organization of corner meetings without prior permission.

This action follows a series of terrorist attacks targeting security forces in the region last month. One such incident occurred at the Police Line in Tank, where a relentless six-hour exchange of gunfire unfolded between security personnel and assailants.

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In response to the escalating security situation, the Bannu district administration has mandated that any gatherings or corner meetings involving more than 50 individuals require explicit permission from the authorities.

Recent reports from local media indicate a successful counterattack against terrorists within the police line territory. Security forces, in a show of bravery, engaged in a fierce confrontation resulting in the elimination of three terrorists. The affected area was swiftly surrounded by a joint operation involving both police and security forces.

Tragically, three valiant policemen lost their lives in the line of duty, while three others sustained injuries. Ongoing clearance operations are being conducted by the security forces to ensure the area’s security and eliminate any remaining threats. The district remains on high alert as authorities work diligently to maintain public safety in the face of these challenges.

Likewise, Section 144 has been imposed in Lakki Marwat as well. In view of suicide attacks and target killings on candidates, the Deputy Commissioner of the region has banned meetings, corners meetings, rallies and gatherings without permission.

Programs of different political parties at the same place at the same time have also been prohibited. No one is allowed to use black glasses in vehicles’ windows either.

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