Second resolution on postponing elections submitted to Senate

senate by-election

ISLAMABAD: A new resolution urging the postponement of the February 8 general elections in Pakistan has been submitted to the Senate, following the recent passage of a similar resolution by the upper house of parliament.

Independent Senator Hidayat Ullah moved the resolution, citing “security challenges” as the reason for the proposed delay. The resolution calls upon the Election Commission of Pakistan and the Supreme Court to consider ensuring peaceful elections and postponing the polls for three months due to the identified security challenges.

Expressing concerns over the “rising incidents” of targeting candidates participating in the upcoming elections, the resolution adds another layer of discussion on the potential postponement.

Notably, on January 5, the Senate had unanimously passed a resolution seeking to delay the February 8 general elections. The resolution, presented by independent lawmaker Senator Dilawar Khan, pointed to extreme weather conditions in hilly areas and a deteriorating security situation as grounds for the suggested delay.

It’s worth mentioning that during the passage of the earlier resolution, only 14 senators were present in the 100-member strong Senate. The submission of a new resolution indicates an ongoing debate within the parliamentary chambers regarding the timing and circumstances surrounding the upcoming elections.

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