Lahore’s fight against smog continues with second artificial rain mission

second artificial rain time Lahore

LAHORE: The Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, has disclosed that the artificial rain project in Lahore did not cost Rs350 million.

Instead, it was a generous gift from the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), supporting Pakistan in its efforts to combat air pollution and the escalating issue of smog in Lahore, the most polluted city.

The second artificial rain mission, aimed at another round of rain, is set to commence shortly.

CM Naqvi said that, aside from the cost of spraying water, Pakistan did not incur any additional expenses.

The primary objective of this artificial rain was to alleviate smog, causing severe difficulties for citizens and respiratory issues due to the worsening air quality index.

Addressing public concerns, CM Naqvi stated that if the artificial rain project had been harmful or had any adverse effects on people, it would not have been considered.

CM Naqvi announced the formation of a research team to conduct studies on smog. The results will guide decisions on further steps to be taken to curb air pollution and smog.

Additionally, CM Naqvi highlighted the role of road cleaning in contributing to a reduction in air pollution.

He acknowledged the presence of two UAE government aircraft and a team for the artificial rain project in Lahore for more than 10 days, expressing gratitude for their assistance in combating smog.

Furthermore, CM Naqvi disclosed plans for the installation of a smog tower in the affected area to further address the smog issue in the near future.

Concluding his statement, the Chief Minister advocated for the use of electric vehicles to reduce air pollution and issues like smog.

Moreover, the Chief Meteorologist confirmed that artificial rain will also improve the air quality in Lahore.



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