SCBA demands probe into lift malfunction at IHC


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has raised concerns in response to an incident involving the lift malfunction at the Islamabad High Court, urging for an immediate investigation into the matter.

The incident, which left prominent lawyers including Latif Khosa and others trapped for nearly an hour, has drawn attention to potential safety lapses within the court premises.

In a statement, the SCBA said that a quick response and assistance by the Islamabad High Court authorities was notably missing.

Latif Khosa’s ordeal with a stuck lift comes to an end

The association expressed gratitude that no harm occurred during the incident, yet emphasised the need for a thorough inquiry to identify the causes of the malfunction.

The statement further urged the IHC chief justice and relevant officials to conduct a complete investigation into the incident.

“The possibility of sabotage or intentional damage in such situations cannot be ruled out,” the SCBA said, underscoring the significance of a careful probe.

“The legal fraternity stands united against any attempts to hinder the pursuit of justice. The incident has raised concerns within the community that obstacles could be placed in the path of justice seekers,” the statement said.

The association hoped that through a thorough investigation, the intention behind the incident will be uncovered. It emphasised the need for preventing similar incidents in the future to ensure the safety and well-being of all stakeholders involved.

The SCBA said that the incident will serve as a catalyst for the prevention of such incidents in the future.

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