Scammer busy fleecing people in the name of federal secretary

phony calls

By Shahzad Paracha

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in response to a fraudulent activity, has explicitly instructed all its offices to refrain from transferring any funds in response to phony calls by imposter Zahoor Ahmed, posing as Secretary of Information and Broadcasting.

The said imposter has been making deceptive calls to various departments, soliciting money through digital transfers, often citing fabricated accidents as the reason.

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In an official office order titled “Fake Calls,” the ministry has emphasized the fraudulent nature of the calls by impersonator Zahoor Ahmed. The calls have been reported from multiple numbers, including 92-3228186007, 92-3155123863, and 923337833664.

All departments under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting have been notified that the person claiming to be secretary Zahoor Ahmed is an imposter.

The ministry has urged all departments to instruct their offices against transferring any funds to the specified telephone numbers or any others associated with this fraudulent activity.

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