Saudi Arabia beggar gang: FIA arrests travel sub-agent

beggar gang

MULTAN: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has taken action in the case involving an eight-member beggar gang attempting to travel to Saudi Arabia.

In a recent development, the FIA has apprehended a sub-agent in Multan, identified as Rab Nawaz, who has been implicated in the case

A group of beggars bound to Saudi Arabia under the guise of Umrah pilgrims were intercepted and offloaded on Sunday.

FIA officials said that eight people were going to Saudi Arabia on Umrah visa to peruse begging.

Multan: beggars disguised as Umrah pilgrims arrested

As per the agreement, half of the money obtained from begging was supposed to be divided with the travel agent.

“After the expiry of the Umrah visa, the passengers had to return to Pakistan,” FIA told media persons in a statement issued.

According to FIA, Rab Nawaz allegedly incited two individuals, Mujahid and Tanveer Abbas, to engage in begging activities while holding Umrah visas for Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, FIA off-loaded 16-memeber family including an infant who were going to Saudi Arabia for begging

Reports suggest that FIA Circle Multan is actively pursuing the arrest of other suspects involved in this case.

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