Russia sends rice, sugar, and wheat in aid to Gaza civilians

Russia send aid Gaza

MOSCOW: In a humanitarian effort, Russia dispatched 27 tonnes of aid to assist civilians in the Gaza Strip, as confirmed by Moscow’s emergency situations ministry on Thursday.

The aid, including essential supplies such as wheat, sugar, rice, and pasta, was loaded onto a special plane that departed from Ramenskoye airport near Moscow, destined for El-Arish in Egypt.

Deputy Minister Ilya Denisov stated in a press release, “A special plane has taken off from the airport at Ramenskoye near Moscow for El-Arish in Egypt. The Russian humanitarian aid will be handed over to the Egyptian Red Crescent to be sent to the Gaza Strip.”

This initiative comes amidst the backdrop of the ongoing crisis in Gaza, where a million people have been displaced from their homes due to relentless Israeli air strikes.

In a significant development, US President Joe Biden announced a breakthrough deal on Wednesday, enabling much-needed humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.

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Following direct negotiations in Israel and extensive diplomatic discussions with Egypt, Biden revealed that a limited number of trucks would be permitted to cross the previously closed Rafah crossing from Egypt into Gaza, starting this Friday.

This move is expected to bring substantial relief to the distressed population in the region.

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