Roti price goes up by Rs2 in Lahore


LAHORE: The government has increased the price of bread (roti) by Rs2 per 100 grams in Lahore, according to a notification issued on Thursday.

The new price of bread has been fixed at Rs20 per 100 grams, up from Rs18 previously. The price of naan, a flatbread baked in a clay oven, remains unchanged at Rs25.

The notification was issued by the District Coordination Officer (DCO) of Lahore, who is responsible for setting the prices of essential commodities in the city.

The price hike comes amid rising inflation and food shortages in the country, which have hit the poor and low-income groups hard.

Bread is a staple food item for many people in Pakistan, especially for breakfast, lunch and dinner. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), an average household consumes about 1.5 kg of bread per month.

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