Renowned TV anchor Iqrar-ul-Hasan gets married again

iqrar ul Hassan

ISLAMABAD: A renowned anchor and host Iqrar-ul-Hasan tied the knot with news anchor Aroosa Khan, it is his third marriage which had been speculated by netizens and now it has been confirmed during Iqrar’s third wife’s reply to a social media user.

Aroosa Khan’s comment came after a picture went viral on social media where she was standing with Iqrar’s family.

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News anchor cleared fans’ curiosity in a question-and-answer session on Instagram.

Responding to a question Aroosa confirmed her marriage.

When a fan pinned a question about the selection between Iqrar and Pehlaj, with a reaction of heart she replied ‘Both’.

She received greetings for her marriage and also expressed vowed to take care of Iqrar-ul-Hasan.

It is Iqrar’s third marriage, firstly entered in wedlock with his colleague and news anchor Quratulain Iqrar in 2006, the couple has a son.

He got married to Farah Iqrar in 2012, announcing after five years he confirmed his second marriage.

It should be noted that Quratul Ain Iqrar did not raise any objection to her husband’s first marriage. In a recent interview, Farah had expressed her willingness to accept Iqrar’s possible third marriage.

Aroosa has been busy these days promoting Qurutulain’s brand and we have seen the two together a lot on Aroosa’s Instagram:

His third wife, Aroosa Khan is a news anchor who has worked on several platforms. Currently, she is employed by SA Digital, a platform run by Iqrar.

She belongs to Okara and has been Iqrar’s acquaintance for a long time.

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