Record high egg prices send shockwaves across the country

egg prices

ISLAMABAD: A surge in egg prices has gripped the nation, reaching unprecedented levels and causing concerns among consumers.

According to the statistics agency, the cost of a dozen eggs has skyrocketed to Rs 420, with notable increases witnessed in major cities like Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Peshawar.

Sialkot is experiencing a price hike, with a dozen eggs now costing Rs 410.

Similarly, in Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Larkana, and Multan, consumers are paying Rs 400 per dozen. Quetta and Bannu are not far behind, also witnessing a price tag of Rs 400 per dozen, while Khuzdar and Sukkur are facing rates of Rs 390 per dozen.

The egg prices in Karachi, Bahawalpur, and Hyderabad have surged to Rs 380 per dozen.

Meanwhile, in Lahore, the official price stands at Rs 364 per dozen, but discrepancies arise as shopkeepers sell eggs at varying rates.

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The statistics agency highlights the widespread nature of this surge, impacting consumers nationwide.

As households grapple with rising living costs, the escalation in egg prices adds further strain to daily budgets.

The discrepancy between official rates and market prices, particularly in Lahore, raises questions about market regulations and the need for intervention to ensure fair pricing for essential commodities.


While the government has granted permission to import soybeans, a critical component in egg production, no official notification has been issued so far. This delay has contributed to the current inflationary cycle, sources added.

Sources said the Ministry of Climate Change is at the center of the notification delay which has fueled regulatory inaction over soybean imports. Soybeans play a crucial role in egg production, as they are a primary ingredient in poultry feed.

The delay in importing soybeans could lead to further challenges in sustaining egg production, exacerbating the existing shortage, they added.

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