Rawalpindi allocates millions for beautification, upgradation of rural areas

Rawalpindi to spend millions of rupees to upgrade and beautify rural areas in 2024

RAWALPINDI: In a significant move towards enhancing the living conditions of rural areas, the District Council of Rawalpindi has approved a tender of Rs750 million for the beautification and repair work.

The decision comes in response to the longstanding issues faced by locals, including the absence of pedestrian paths in several rural areas.

The Chief Officer (CO) of District Council Rawalpindi, Kamran Khan, has taken the lead in awarding the contract to reputed and clean-image private contractors.

highlighting the urgency of the project, he has directed the contractors to complete the repair and beautification work within a specified timeframe. Warnings against potential delays and strict actions have been threatened in cases of non-compliance.

Following the contract award, private contractors, guided by the CO, have initiated repair and miscellaneous works in various localities.

The selection process for contractors prioritised those with a clean image, ensuring a commitment to public welfare in the Rawalpindi district.

CO Kamran Khan said that the council has awarded a tender of Rs750 million to clean image contractors, ensuring that public funds are utilised for the betterment of the community.

The allocated budget will address the repair of dilapidated roads, broken street lights, footpaths, streets, boundary walls, public parks, public toilets, and the overall beautification of rural areas across Rawalpindi district.

Taking a firm stance against corruption, CO Kamran Khan asserted, “Corrupt and blackmailing private contractors will not be tolerated.”

In line with the broader vision, the District Council has introduced a strategic initiative named ‘Beautiful Rural Areas.’

This comprehensive plan aims to rejuvenate infrastructure in various rural areas of Rawalpindi.

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