Rain havoc: Roads, highways closed in AJK, Mansehra

AJK rain landsliding

ISLAMABAD: A series of landslides triggered by incessant rain have wreaked havoc across Azad Kashmir and Mansehra, obstructing vital highways and disrupting normal life.

Muzaffarabad and its environs continue to experience relentless heavy rain since the preceding night, accompanied by snowfall on the towering mountains.

The lower Neelam Valley, Hattian Bala, Chikar, and Chakothi bear witness to rainfall, while Barthwad Gali and Panjal Gali, crucial links to Lipa Valley, are draped in snow.

In the headquarters of Poonch division, Rawalkot, the climate has taken a chilly turn with precipitation in the form of rain and snowfall gracing the elevated peaks. Sidhnoti district, too, witnesses a mix of rain and snowfall in select locations.

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The Mansehra Muzaffarabad highway faces a critical closure at Lohar Gali due to landslides, severing a vital route. Similarly, the Kohala Muzaffarabad road shutdown has isolated the region from Islamabad, amplifying the impact on connectivity.

Landslides have further compounded challenges on the highway connecting Neelam Valley, posing additional hurdles for travelers in the region.

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