Punjab considers work-from-home, online classes due to smog

school closure

WEB DESK: After the rain, smog has once again enveloped the country. The caretaker Transport Minister of Punjab has hinted at the possibility of implementing work-from-home arrangements and shifting schools online on Wednesday due to the prevailing smog conditions.

In a statement, Caretaker Minister Ibrahim Hasan Murad mentioned that the recent measures taken have led to an improvement in the smog situation.

In the upcoming session, the option of working from home and conducting online classes in educational institutions will be under consideration due to the persisting smog.

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The provincial minister added that, in addition to these measures, there will also be consideration for limiting public transport.

The pollution from India is also impacting cities like Lahore and others.

It’s important to note that earlier, a lockdown was enforced in 8 districts of Punjab in response to the smog, but it was lifted following the rain.

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