Punjab Prisons Dept dismisses PTI Chairman’s “concerns” of privacy violation  

PTI chief

RAWALPINDI: The Punjab Prisons Department has rebuffed the expressed “concerns” of the imprisoned PTI chairman, who alleged violations of his privacy and restricted family visitation rights. The chairman of PTI communicated his apprehensions to the Additional District and Sessions Judge, Shafqut Ullah Khan, during the judge’s routine biweekly inspection of the penitentiary facilities.

Currently serving a three-year term at Attock Jail subsequent to his conviction for corrupt practices in the Toshakhana case earlier this month, Khan articulated significant reservations concerning infringements on his privacy and the existing living conditions within the correctional facility.

In response, the Punjab Prisons Department issued a clarification, affirming that all amenities as stipulated in Rules 257 and 771 of the Pakistan Prison Rules, 1978, had been afforded to the PTI leader. The department noted that a new lavatory had been constructed within his cell, complete with five-foot-tall partitions, various fixtures and sanitary items, and a functioning door.

The official statement detailed several conveniences that Khan was provided within his cell, including a bed, pillow, mattress, table, chair, air cooler, exhaust fan, assorted fruits, honey, dates, prayer mat, Holy Quran with an English translation, a selection of reading materials, a tea-filled thermos, newspapers, and tissue papers.

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According to the prisons department, the PTI chairman was granted the opportunity to meet with his family on Tuesdays and confer with his legal representatives on Thursdays. In terms of medical care, a team of five doctors was designated for Khan’s well-being, with one doctor on an eight-hour shift at all times, ensuring his medical needs were attended to.

The statement further elaborated that Khan received specialized meals as per the doctor’s recommendations and with the endorsement of Punjab Inspector General of Prisons, Mian Farooq Nazir. These meals were served by a dedicated team after undergoing a doctor’s assessment.

With regard to security, the statement clarified that CCTV cameras were positioned outside Imran Khan’s quarters, serving both his safety and that of the penitentiary.

Emphasizing their commitment to security, the department disclosed that over 4,000 CCTV cameras were deployed not only within District Jail Attock but also across various other prisons in Punjab.

The statement concluded by dispelling the concerns raised by PTI Chairman Imran Khan and underlining the department’s dedication to maintaining appropriate facilities and security measures.


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