1000 percent increase in licence fees across the board in Punjab

driving licence fees

LAHORE: The Punjab government revising licence fees has decided to implement a massive 1000 percent increase across the board, according to traffic police officials.

The hike in fees will be implemented from January 1, 2024.

Effective immediately, the learner’s licence, previously set at 60 rupees for a 5-year term, will now be charged at 500 rupees annually. Motorcycle licence fees, which were formerly 550 rupees for 5 years, will transition to an annual fee of 500 rupees. The same adjustment applies to motorcycle rickshaws, with the annual fee now standing at 500 rupees instead of a 5-year fee of 550 rupees.

The alterations extend to motorcar-jeep licences, witnessing an increase from 950 rupees for 5 years to an annual charge of 1800 rupees. Light transport, formerly priced at 950 rupees for 5 years, will now require an annual payment of 2000 rupees. Heavy transport, tractor, and commercial tractor licences all follow suit, shifting from 5-year fees to annual charges of 2000, 1000, and 1500 rupees, respectively.

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In a notable move, the 5-year licence fee for disabled persons, formerly 20 rupees, has been abolished, removing the financial burden on this specific category.

Public service vehicle fees undergo a substantial adjustment as well, escalating from a 5-year fee of 450 rupees to an annual payment of 1500 rupees. For other categories, driving licence fees experience a noteworthy surge from 100 to 1000 rupees.

Traffic police officials reveal that these fee adjustments represent a staggering 1000% increase after two decades.

To ensure public awareness, an advertisement outlining the revised fees will be published shortly.

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