Punjab hospitals to get three coloured bed sheets

punjab hospitals

LAHORE: In a bid to elevate patient care standards, the government of Punjab has announced a groundbreaking initiative of, colourful bed sheets in Punjab hospitals, set to roll out on January 1.

District Headquarter (DHQ) hospitals across the province will witness a transformation in their bedding systems, with the introduction of a vibrant three-colour bed sheet rotation.

Caretaker Minister of Primary Health for Punjab Jamal Nasir revealed that starting January 1, DHQ hospitals will adopt a three-colour bed sheet system, ensuring a fresh and visually dynamic environment for patients. The novel approach involves changing bed sheets daily, with each day featuring a different colour, enhancing hygiene and aesthetic appeal.

The innovation extends to Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) hospitals, where the three-colour bed sheet system will be implemented from January 15. Notably, disposable bed sheets will be exclusively allocated to emergency wards, a move aimed at maintaining utmost cleanliness in critical care areas, according to Jamal Nasir.

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The minister affirmed that the daily changing of bed sheets in government hospitals is a key element of this initiative. This transformative measure aligns with the broader goal of completing the overhaul of government hospitals within one month, fostering an environment of constant improvement.

Moreover, in a bid to enhance accessibility, X-ray rooms and laboratories in Lahore and Tehsil HQ hospitals are slated to remain operational around the clock. The Minister emphasized that this move is not just about aesthetics; it’s a comprehensive effort to redefine the healthcare experience for patients.

As part of the holistic approach to healthcare, Minister Primary Health urged all Medical Superintendents (MS) to conduct multiple rounds of hospitals daily. This directive underscores the commitment to active oversight, ensuring that the envisioned improvements are not only implemented but also sustained.

The decision to revamp hospital facilities reflects a conscientious effort by the Punjab government to prioritize the well-being of patients, setting a new standard for healthcare excellence in the region. The three-colour bed sheet system is poised to not only elevate hygiene practices but also contribute to a more positive and comforting atmosphere for those seeking medical care.

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