Punjab govt to recruit homeopaths

LAHORE: Merely two days after the Punjab government decided to do away with homeopathic doctors and their medicine from public sector hospitals, a delegation of the National Council for Homeopathic met with Punjab Governor Baligh Ur Rehman, who assured them that the provincial government will recruit “homeopathic doctors” at basic health centres.

The Punjab governor said that by integrating homeopathy into the existing healthcare infrastructure, the provincil government aims to broaden the scope of medical services available to the public.

He said that the inclusion of homeopathic doctors in DHQs, THQs, and other health centres will contribute to the overall goal of providing comprehensive and patient-centric healthcare services in Punjab.

According to sources, homeopathic doctors will be posted at the district headquarter hospitals (DHQs), tehsil headquarter hospitals (THQs), rural health centres (RHCs) and basic health units (BHUs).

This collaboration reflects the government’s commitment to fostering an inclusive healthcare system that encompasses a wide range of medical practices.

This decision also highlights the government’s recognition of the growing popularity and acceptance of homeopathic treatments among the general public.

According to the sources, the recruitment will be carried out against the available vacant positions designated for homeopathic doctors.

The sources said that these positions will be advertised in newspapers shortly, offering eligible candidates the opportunity to apply and contribute to the healthcare sector through their expertise.

It is anticipated that this step will not only expand the range of treatment options available but also ensure the availability of qualified professionals in underserved areas.

The Punjab government’s decision to recruit homeopathic doctors is aligned with global trends in healthcare and acknowledges the growing demand for alternative and complementary treatments.

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