Punjab driving license fee hike challenged in LHC

driving license fee

LAHORE: The increase in driving license fee in Punjab has been challenged in the Lahore High court.

The Punjab caretaker cabinet had approved a huge increase in the fee of driving licence.

Under the updated fee schedule, citizens, including those in Lahore and Rawalpindi, will now pay an annual fee for the Light Transport Vehicle (LTV) license.

The breakdown comprises an Rs150 test fee, an additional Rs1,850 upon successfully passing the driving test, and miscellaneous charges totaling Rs480. This revision brings the total cost of obtaining an LTV license for one year to Rs 2,480.

The cabinet also decided to raise fee for LTV (light transport vehicle), HTV (heavy transport vehicle) and PSV (public service vehicle) licence, while the citizens of the US, Canada and other countries can apply online and will be charged $100 as licence fee. 

The recent decision by the caretaker cabinet to substantially increase driving license fees has landed in the Lahore High Court, sparking a legal challenge.

On Saturday the plea was filed by Ghulam Rasool Haral Advoctae. Care taker Punjab government, IG Punjab and others have been made respondents.

The petitioner has adopted the stance that the increase in fee of driving license is against the law. The caretaker government does not have the authority to impose additional taxes and increase the prices.

The caretaker govt cannot raise prices for running its everyday affairs, the petition states.

The petitioner vehemently urged the court to not only overturn the fee increase but also to reinstate the previous, more affordable fee structure.

The Punjab government has implemented changes to the fee structure for driving licenses, effective January 16, 2024, as part of an ongoing crackdown on individuals driving without valid licenses.

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