Punjab declares smog calamity, DCs given additional powers to combat smog crisis

Smog in Punjab Lahore

By Ali Rehmani

LAHORE: The Punjab Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has declared smog a calamity and issued directives to all deputy commissioners to make concerted efforts for the mitigation of the rising health hazard.

In this regard, PDMA Director Nazia Jabeen has penned a letter to provincial administrations, urging them to take immediate measures to combat the smog crisis.

Under the new directives, all deputy commissioners have been granted the powers of relief commissioners to take strict action against different establishments, factories and vehicles contributing to smog.

Strict orders have been issued to enforce a complete ban on the burning of crop residues.

Furthermore, orders have been issued to take stringent measures against smoke-emitting vehicles, brick kilns and factories in Lahore and other cities.

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The PDMA has underscored the importance of enforcing the measures and urged officials to establish robust communication channels with the public.

Lahore residents have been asked to make vidoes of violators and share vwith the departments concerns.

The PDMA plans to conduct seminars in universities, colleges and schools to raise awareness and highlight smog control measures.

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