Punjab cabinet approves toll tax on 18 roads for revenue boost

Toll tax

LAHORE: In a significant development, the Punjab Caretaker Cabinet has greenlit the imposition of toll tax on a network of 18 crucial roads spanning the province.

The decision, made during a recent cabinet meeting chaired by Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, marks a pivotal move with far-reaching implications.

The toll tax will be enforced on strategic routes, including but not limited to Kasur Road, Sahiwal, Pakpattan, and Chicha Watani.

Moreover, the toll collection ambit will stretch from Bahawalpur to Hashilpur to Chishtian, encompassing a substantial portion of the provincial road infrastructure.

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Key highways in Gujranwala, Nankana Sahib, and Sheikhupura have also been earmarked for the reinstatement of toll taxes, adding an extra layer to the financial landscape of these vital transport arteries.

The forthcoming formalization of this decision is anticipated through the issuance of a notification by the Finance and Communication departments.

This move, signaling a return to toll taxation, underscores the government’s efforts to bolster revenue streams and finance essential infrastructure projects.

As commuters brace for the impact on their travel expenses, the decision is poised to generate discussions and debates on the economic and logistical implications of the toll tax reintroduction.

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