PTI’s senior leader meeting with on-duty Indian Army officer raising concerns


ISLAMABAD: In a recent development, Abdul Samad Yaqoob, a senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), held a meeting with Indian military officers.

The meeting occurred on October 25 at the Serena Hotel in Pakistan and involved India’s Defense Attaché Brigadier Hardaman Singh Gill, Captain Rajeev Kumar, and Yaqoob.

This meeting has raised several concerns and questions within the security expert community. The experts have voiced their unease about a public meeting between a political party leader and an officer from the Indian Army. These concerns have been amplified in the context of recent incidents where an Indian journalist with alleged ties to RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) clandestinely met with a ‘fugitive’ PTI YouTuber.

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Furthermore, the interaction between PTI senior leader Abdul Samad Yaqoob and the Indian military officers comes against the backdrop of PTI’s negative propaganda against state institutions on social media.

The meeting has drawn significant attention and scrutiny, particularly in relation to the events of the May 9 riots.

Many consider the engagement between Indian diplomats, notably the Defense Attaché, and PTI leaders as a potential ‘security risk.’

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