PTI’s Gohar unveils manifesto envisioning splendid future for Pakistan

PTI’s Gohar unveils manifesto

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan announced his party’s manifesto for the upcoming general election on Sunday, seeking to break free from the bad past and making Pakistan a glorious country with a splendid future.

Addressing a press conference along with PTI’s Central Secretary Information Raoof Hassan, Gohar Khan said that his party’s slogan is “green and clean Pakistan” and that his party would promote solar energy, health card, education, job creation, family planning and youth empowerment. He said that his party would allocate 3 per cent of GDP to the social sector and establish relations with the world on equal terms.

He also pledged to introduce constitutional amendments to reform the political system, such as electing the prime minister by the people, reducing the term of the National Assembly from five to four years and making the term of the Senate five years. He said that he would boost the economy, revise the tax scheme and present a five-year agenda.

He lamented that his party and candidates were facing difficulties and discrimination in the election campaign. He said that his party was not given a level playing field and that their basic rights were violated. He cited the arrest of Mian Azhar and the obstacles in introducing his electoral symbol as examples.

He said that his party’s popularity among the people is more than 70 per cent and that PTI chairman’s manifesto was his manifesto.

He said that there cannot be two laws in the country and that rule of law is a basic right in the world. He said that his respects the judiciary and the army and that they would use their rights within the constitutional limits.

He said that all independent candidates have been fielded by the PTI. He appealed to the people to vote for PTI and support its vision for a glorious Pakistan.

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