PTI disowns Salman Ahmed, expatriate v loggers

ISLAMABAD: In a formal declaration, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has vehemently distanced itself from singer Salman Ahmed and other expatriate individuals engaged in disseminating malicious propaganda aimed at destabilizing the state of Pakistan with the alleged intent of facilitating Imran Khan’s ascent to power.

The PTI, through an official statement, has disavowed any knowledge or endorsement of the hate campaigns targeting institutions and individuals that have recently gained traction on social media platforms.

The core committee of the PTI asserted its complete ignorance regarding these orchestrated smear campaigns and emphasized that no such endeavors have received the approval of the PTI founder.

A categorical denial was issued by the core committee, asserting that the PTI has no affiliation with the posts attributed to Salman Ahmed and other individuals implicated in the controversial online activities. The party took a firm stance, explicitly stating that it bears no responsibility for the content disseminated by these individuals.

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Furthermore, the core committee underscored that the PTI has no connections with overseas vloggers, including Salman Ahmed, and urged against attempts to link these individuals with the party. The committee emphasized that any endeavor to associate these vloggers with the PTI is baseless and unfounded.

In this strongly worded statement, the PTI’s core committee seeks to dispel any misconceptions regarding the party’s association with individuals engaged in negative and divisive online activities, emphasizing the party’s commitment to responsible and ethical political discourse.

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