PPP election camp attacked with hand-grenade in Mastung

hand-grenade in Mastung

QUETTA: An unknown assailant threw a hand-grenade at the election camp of the Pakistan People’s Party, causing a loud explosion.

Police said there were no reported casualties from the bomb blast.

The attack specifically targeted the election camp of the PPP candidate. The attacker managed to escape after the security guards fired their weapons, according to the police.

Hand grenade attack near Hub Chowki

Rescue officials have stated that three individuals were injured in what appears to be a hand-grenade attack near Hub Chowki. They have been transferred to Hub Civil Hospital for medical treatment.

As the 2024 general election loom over Balochistan, the law-and-order situation has taken a precarious turn. The province is now grappling with heightened tensions as banned groups, including the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), have intensified attacks on polling stations, security check posts, and election camps.

The Balochistan Liberation Army, along with other proscribed outfits, has emerged as a significant challenge to the electoral process.

In response to the escalating threats, security measures have been significantly reinforced across Balochistan. Security forces are on high alert, aiming to curb the destabilizing activities of insurgent elements that seek to disrupt the democratic process.

With the general election scheduled for February 8, the authorities are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the safety and integrity of the electoral process.

To mitigate risks, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has taken the step of banning rallies in Quetta, the provincial capital. This move aims to prevent large gatherings that could be susceptible to attacks, showcasing the gravity of the security concerns in the region.

As Balochistan braces itself for the upcoming elections, the delicate balance between democratic expression and security imperatives hangs in the balance.

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