Police arrest accused behind double homicide in Karachi


KARACHI: The police have successfully resolved a homicide case involving a couple who were tragically killed in Bilal Colony, Korangi.

The alleged perpetrator, identified as Dedar Gul, has been apprehended by law enforcement authorities.

According to the Karachi police, Dedar Gul was reportedly hired via social media to carry out the heinous act, which resulted in the deaths of Mishal Khan and his wife, Kiran Bibi, at their residence in Bilal Colony, Korangi.

During the arrest, the police confiscated various weapons and other items from the possession of the detained suspect. Investigators have disclosed that Kiran Bibi’s brother, Rehman, made contact with the contract killer through Facebook and paid him Rs1.2 million to carry out the double homicide.

Remarkably, Dedar Gul, the contract killer, is known to work in Saudi Arabia and came to Karachi specifically for this sinister purpose.

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The motive for the crime is rooted in a personal feud between Rehman and Mishal Khan. Mishal Khan had previously been married to Kiran’s elder sister 14 years ago, but the marriage ended in divorce. Subsequently, Mishal Khan married Kiran Bibi, who was the younger sister of his former wife.

The contract killer, Dedar Gul, arrived in Karachi from Saudi Arabia and conducted surveillance on the couple’s residence in Bilal Colony. Following this reconnaissance mission, Dedar Gul, in collaboration with his accomplice Shahzeb, forcibly entered the home and carried out the murders of Mishal Khan and Kiran Bibi.

The police have revealed that Shahzeb facilitated the transportation of the weapons used in the crime from Peshawar to Karachi. At present, both the brother of the deceased woman, Rehman, and the second suspect, Shahzeb, remain at large, as law enforcement authorities intensify efforts to bring them to justice.

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