Pneumonia drug shortage grips Lahore

shortage in Lahore

LAHORE: A growing number of pneumonia cases in Lahore have triggered an alarming shortage of essential drugs at local medical stores. Residents are now facing the double whammy of not only grappling with a surge in the respiratory illness but also struggling to procure the necessary medications.

Reports indicate that the recommended pneumonia vaccine is among the scarce pharmaceuticals, compounding the healthcare crisis in the city. The scarcity is not limited to vaccines alone; prominent drugs such as “Influ Week” and “Waxy Great” are also becoming increasingly rare on pharmacy shelves.

Complicating matters further, overpricing practices have been reported in various medical outlets, leaving many citizens without access to vital medications. The scarcity extends to nebulization drugs crucial for both children and the elderly, with “Leo Heal” notably absent from the inventory of several medical stores.

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In response to the concerning situation, the caretaker provincial health minister has acknowledged the issue, stating that doctors are aware of the prevailing shortages in the market. Dr. Javed Akram emphasized the need for medical professionals to prescribe medicines readily available at local pharmacies to mitigate the impact on patients.

Dr. Akram addressed concerns of an artificial shortage, asserting that the current demand for medications far exceeds the available supply. He urged citizens to remain calm and assured that efforts are underway to address the shortfall promptly.

To tackle the issue head-on, the health minister has issued directives to drug inspectors to take strict action against any malpractice, including those attempting to exploit the situation by manipulating drug availability for personal gain.

As Lahore grapples with this healthcare predicament, residents are hopeful that swift actions will be taken to restore the availability of essential pneumonia drugs, ensuring the well-being of the community.

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