PML-N to take the country out of crisis: Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressing his concern over the economic situation of the country said that he is optimistic that his party will bring the country out of its crisis.

Nawaz Sharif is returning to Pakistan today (Saturday) after a four-year-long self-imposed exile in London ahead of general elections.

Speaking at the airport before his departure, Nawaz Sharif expressed his optimism despite acknowledging the challenging economic conditions in the country.

He stated, “Today, I am returning to Pakistan after four years. The nation’s economic conditions are a cause for concern, but I hold strong hope for a better future.”

The PML-N supremo believes that his party is competent enough to take Pakistan out of the crisis that it is presently in.

“We are competent enough to solve the problems of the country,” said Nawaz while mentioning his government’s achievements before when he was the prime minister.

In the recent past, Pakistan bid farewell to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), signaling a shift in economic policy.

He said comparing the current situation to 2017, the prevailing conditions do not paint an optimistic picture.

The country grapples with a significant level of uncertainty, and it is evident that various stakeholders have played a role in the deteriorating conditions, he said.

Nawaz Sharif homecoming

Nawaz Sharif conveyed his happiness at returning to his homeland, emphasizing the damage caused to the country due to legal cases against him, which have created a climate of anxiety.

Nawaz Sharif is expected to land at Islamabad International Airport at around 2: 45 pm

He lamented the country’s setbacks in economic, social, and various other aspects but asserted that they are determined to rectify the situation.

Regarding the holding of elections he said it is the purview of the Election commission and they are willing to abide by that.

He said, “we are not the May 9 ones but the May 28 ones”.

Nawaz Sharif has left Dubai to embark on his return journey to Pakistan, marking the end of his four-year exile. His flight is set to touch down in Pakistan at 12:30 PM, a much-anticipated homecoming.

Preparations for Nawaz Sharif’s welcome and address at Minar Pakistan have been completed. A massive stage, measuring 30 feet in height, 20 feet in width, and 120 feet in length, has been readied in the meeting hall. To ensure security, a bulletproof cabin has been installed on the stage for Nawaz Sharif’s address.

The venue has been organized with separate sections for National Assembly constituencies, women, youth, lawyers, and the minority wing. Additionally, provincial ticket holders and party workers are expected to be present at the venue.

To facilitate logistics, 30 coordinators have been appointed for sound, lighting, stage management, and parking. Parking arrangements have been made for caravans coming from different routes, ensuring a smooth and organized event.

Strict security measures are in place, with walk-through gates installed at the entrances to the Minar Pakistan venue to ensure a safe and orderly gathering.

Nawaz Sharif’s return is a momentous occasion, and the preparations underscore the significance of this event in Pakistan’s political landscape.


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