PIA’s five aircraft grounded, flight operation disrupted

KARACHI, (INP): Five aircraft of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) have been grounded creating disruption in the flight operations.

According to details, three Boeing 777 aircraft of the national airline were grounded for maintenance while two others were grounded on a permanent basis due to a lack of engines.

Currently, out of 12 PIA Boeing aircraft seven are operational as one aircraft is dysfunctional in Jeddah. The national airline needs $60 million for the maintenance of aircraft.

Earlier, it was reported that due to the lack of maintenance and repair work, several Boeing 777 aircraft of the national flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) developed technical faults during international flights.

Due to the lack of maintenance and repair work by the airline’s engineering department, the technical faults in PIA aircraft are continuously rising.

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The technical faults have not only increased the flight safety risks but they also caused difficulties for passengers and financial troubles for the airline.

According to sources, several Boeing 777 aircraft developed technical faults during Saudi Arabia flights and millions of dollars were spent on their repair.

It is pertinent to mention here that in May this year, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) report revealed that a total of eight Pakistan International Airline (PIA) aircraft were grounded.

As per details, the report submitted to the National Assembly Standing Committee stated that out of eight aircraft seven are repairable while one aircraft is not usable. Three Boeing 777, two airbuses, and three ATRs are grounded because of no service and one PIA aircraft is unusable.

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