PIA flight to Madina narrowly avoids disaster as engine fire erupts

PIA flight

KARACHI: In a harrowing incident, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight bound for Madina narrowly averted disaster on Saturday.

Sources from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) revealed that a Boeing 777, en route to Madina from Karachi, experienced smoke emanating from its engine shortly after takeoff.

Swiftly responding to the emergent situation, the captain endeavored to quell the engine fire using an extinguisher. As the engines eventually shut down, the pilot promptly communicated with the air traffic control (ATC), seeking permission for an emergency landing. With 276 passengers on board, the aircraft successfully touched down at Karachi Airport, averting a potential catastrophe.

PIA flight operations fully normalised

Following the safe landing, a Civil Aviation Authority team promptly reached the scene to assess the situation. Both the captain and the first officer underwent tests for alcohol, blood, and urine as part of standard post-incident procedures.

According to a PIA spokesman, a fire warning in one of the plane’s engines prompted the emergency response. The aircraft was subsequently towed back to Karachi Airport for further inspection by PIA engineers.

However, the spokesperson clarified that no evidence of fire was discovered in the plane’s engine, emphasizing that the landing had adhered to standard procedures.

Passengers, numbering 276, were accommodated in hotels, although some chose to remain at the airport. Plans for their transfer to Madinah Munawara were swiftly arranged, with an alternate flight scheduled for 5 pm.

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