Peshawar’s largest Kabir’s Restaurant sealed, manager arrested

Kabir's Restaurant

PESHAWAR: Kabir’s Restaurant, the trendy eatery launched by social media influencer Kabir Afridi just a month ago in Peshawar, found itself in hot water as the district administration, accompanied by a police force, raided the establishment and subsequently sealed it last night.

The move came after a joint operation conducted by the district administration Peshawar and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority.

The official Facebook page of district administration Peshawar featured a detailed report, complete with pictures, showcasing the inspection and subsequent closure of the restaurant.

During the inspection, a substantial amount of prohibited China salt, banned by the Supreme Court, was discovered, the district administration said.

The restaurant’s manager was apprehended on charges of serving substandard food and maintaining inadequate sanitation practices.

The manager of Kabir’s Restaurant was also arrested during the operation due to reported issues of poor cleanliness standards.

Kabir Afridi, the owner of the restaurant and a well-known social media figure, confirmed to HUM News English that negotiations are currently under way with the district administration Peshawar to reopen and resume restaurant operations.

Despite the closure, Afridi remains optimistic about a resolution.

Kabir’s Restaurant Peshawar location

Kabir’s Restaurant had garnered significant attention on social media, situated on the Ring Road of Peshawar, becoming a notable hotspot in the city’s culinary scene.

The closure has sparked discussions online, with some interpreting it as part of an alleged anti-business policy within the city. The fate of the restaurant now hangs in the balance as negotiations unfold between the owner and the district administration.

Meanwhile, TV host and actor Najiba Faiz also tweeted about the closer of Kabir’s Restaurant saying: “Kabir afridi Resturant has been sealed due to many reasons. First, the search team found out that there was no proper neatness. Secondly, the salt which they were using in the cooking was “China salt” which is ban in Pakistan. So, there were some more serious reasons according to which the restaurant got sealed.”

Afghan cricketer Naveen-ul-Haq visted Kabir’s Restaurant

Afghan cricketer Naveen-ul-Haq, who played against Pakistan in ICC World Cup 2023, also visited Peshawar’s Kabir’s Restaurant recently. He was accompanied by his fellow Afghan teammates Rashid Khan and Mujeeb Ur Rahman. The trio enjoyed the traditional Pakistani cuisine, such as chapli kebab, karahi, and biryani, at the popular restaurant, which is known for its quality food and service. They also interacted with the staff and the fans, who welcomed them warmly and took selfies with them. Naveen-ul-Haq posted some pictures and videos of his visit on his Facebook page, where he praised the hospitality and the taste of Peshawar.

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