Peshawar reeling under prolonged power cuts

PESHAWAR:  As the scorching summer heat blankets the city, residents of Peshawar find themselves grappling not only with the sweltering temperatures but also with the relentless burden of prolonged load-shedding.

The city’s urban and suburban areas endure prolonged electricity cuts every hour, further exacerbating the discomfort faced by its inhabitants.

Businesses struggle to remain operational, and households are forced to resort to alternative means to endure the stifling heat, such as generators and battery-powered fans. The lack of electricity has become a pervasive issue, affecting every aspect of life and hindering the city’s progress and development.

The duration of power outages along Charsadda Road and Kohat Road has surpassed 10 hours, leaving residents to endure extended periods of darkness and sweltering heat.

The situation is even more dire in the city’s suburbs, where load-shedding persists for up to 18 hours daily, plunging households and businesses into disarray.

Areas such as Deha Bahadur, Budh Bir, Charsadda Road and Kohat Road bear the brunt of the power crisis, enduring a gruelling 12-hour daily load-shedding schedule.

Meanwhile, Gulbahar, Kakshal, GT Road, Dalzak Road and Hasht Nagri experience electricity cuts ranging from six to eight hours, disrupting the normal flow of life and causing inconvenience to the populace.

The power deficit in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is alarmingly severe, with electricity demand reaching a staggering 2,916 megawatts, while the supply stands at a mere 1,778 megawatts. The shortfall of 1,138 megawatts has led to the prevailing load shedding predicament faced by the province, adding to the frustration of the already beleaguered residents.

Load-shedding in areas with high line losses remains a common practice, perpetuating the cycle of power cuts.

Meanwhile, PESCO authorities said that in regions with 100 per cent recovery rates, the duration of load-shedding was comparatively less and most load-shedding was being carried out in areas where pilferage and line were rampant.

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