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Parliament lodges deteriorate despite budget boosts

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ISLAMABAD: In the past five years, a staggering budget exceeding Rs 1003.4 million has been earmarked for the renovation of Parliament Lodges, according to documents submitted to the Senate by officials from the Ministry of Interior.

Despite this substantial financial commitment, the living conditions of the parliamentarians residing in these lodges remain far from satisfactory. Sources within Parliament Lodges reveal that every time it rains, the roofs of these lodgings start to leak, highlighting the apparent neglect in their maintenance.

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The allocation of government funds for the renovation of Parliament Lodges has become a topic of contention, with questions arising about the effectiveness of the budget distribution. Sources close to the government indicate that the renovation and repair activities seem to be undergoing selective refurbishments, while other areas face ongoing neglect.

The repairs are primarily focused on lodges associated with ministers, receiving approval under their authority. Despite numerous attempts to contact the concerned authorities, including the Capital Development Authority (CDA) staff, no significant repairs or maintenance work have been initiated, according to sources within the lodges.

For the ongoing financial year 2023-24, a substantial budget of more than Rs 300 million has been allocated for the renovation of Parliament Lodges, as indicated in official documents. However, the disconcerting trend continues, with Rs 47 million expended in the current year so far.

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The historical expenditure records reveal a consistent pattern over the last few fiscal years. In 2019-20, more than Rs 17 million were spent on renovation, followed by over Rs 19 million in 2020-21, Rs 17 million again in 2021-22, and Rs 10.6 million in 2022-23, as documented. Despite the significant financial injections, the disparity between allocated budgets and the actual state of Parliament Lodges remains a cause for concern among the public and parliamentary stakeholders alike.

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