Pakistani brothers shine in Hong Kong Police Force

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani brothers with humble backgrounds shine in the Hong Kong Police Force.

The recent attention on the Chinese internet has focused on the story of He Shawen and Shi Zhishen, two Pakistani brothers who spent their formative years in Hong Kong.

According to Gwadar Pro’s report on Monday, Fluent in Cantonese, English, Mandarin, and Urdu, the duo successfully joined the police force with support from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and the Hong Kong Police Force.

Renowned for their exceptional operational skills and enriched by their multicultural and multilingual background, the brothers navigate tasks seamlessly, particularly in areas with a concentration of ethnic minorities.

In recent years, backed by the support of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ( China?, the local police force has introduced the “Himalaya Program.”, a program aimed at assisting non-Chinese ethnic youths in integrating into the community and realizing their dreams of becoming police officers, while also improving their Chinese language proficiency and understanding of the police force.

The brothers have successfully joined the Hong Kong police force through this program, with He Shawen (Simon) stationed in the Tuen Mun District Uniformed Patrol Team 3 and his brother Shi Zhishen (Sam) in the Yuen Long District Uniformed Patrol Team 1.

“Our dream has always been to become police officers since we were young,” shared Shi Zhishen. During their high school years, the brothers attended a lecture where they first met Hong Kong’s first non-Chinese Inspector, Lü Wendi.

“Lü Wendi said, ‘Don’t be afraid to try. Success often comes after failure. Even if you fail, stick to your original intention and continue towards your goal.'”, the two recalled.

“Hong Kong is a diverse society, bringing together people from various countries and ethnicities. The biggest challenge for non-Chinese individuals is language, preventing them from effectively communicating with locals and better integrating into society,” explained Shi Zhishen when discussing the difficulties faced by non-Chinese individuals in Hong Kong.

“At that time, the Hong Kong Police Force introduced the ‘Himalaya Program,’ helping candidates like us deepen our understanding of various police departments, along with Chinese language courses to better prepare us for the recruitment process.”

In August of last year, they underwent interviews and began training at the Hong Kong Police College.

He Shawen demonstrated exceptional physical fitness, completing the 2400-meter long-distance run in 7 minutes and 14 seconds, breaking a record that had stood for 28 years at the academy.

Instead of getting too immersed in the joy of realizing their dreams, the two brothers continued to explore their worth and push their own limits in their new roles.

“We can speak Cantonese, English, Urdu, and Mandarin, allowing us to communicate with people from countries like Nepal and India. We encourage those living in Hong Kong to diversify their social circles and engage with local friends,” added He Shawen.

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The brothers come from a family covered by the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme, indicating a low-income background. Despite their father losing the ability to work due to illness, it not only failed to hinder the brothers but instead became a driving force behind their determined efforts.

“Regardless of your background, never underestimate your abilities,” they said.

People from all walks of life in Hong Kong hold an inclusive and encouraging attitude towards non-indigenous individuals.

“From the perspective of the police force, we provide translation services for minority local citizens. I hope the example set by us two brothers can inspire ethnic minorities in Hong Kong or local youth,” concluded Shi Zhishen.

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