Pakistan heightens surveillance on western air traffic

Pakistan airspace

ISLAMABAD: In a significant move, Pakistan has initiated comprehensive monitoring of all flights arriving from the western side, notably including Iran.

Relations between Pakistan and Iran have soured due to Iran’s incursion inside Balochistan killing two children.

Sources from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reveal that air traffic from the western border is now under close scrutiny, with all relevant authorities on high alert.

According to CAA sources, Air Traffic Control (ATC) has been directed to meticulously gather details of all incoming flights from the western side, marking the first instance of such extensive monitoring.

While the airspace over Pakistan and Iran remains open for commercial flights, there has been no directive to close airspace for flights originating from Iran.

This heightened surveillance comes amidst an atmosphere of increased vigilance, reflecting the commitment of Pakistani authorities to ensure the security and safety of air travel.

Pakistan struck terrorist hideouts inside the Iranian border a day after Tehran violated the country’s airspace and launched strikes in Balochistan.

As Pakistan takes these precautionary steps, maintaining open airspace for commercial flights from Iran signals a commitment to international cooperation and continued economic ties.

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