Pakistan govt to launch another TV channel

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Minister for Culture and Heritage Jamal Shah on Tuesday announced to launch dedicated heritage channel for the promotion of regional literature of Pakistan.

He made the announcement while addressing the inaugural session of a two-day conference titled ‘Hum Jugnu Taaray Dharti Ke’ at the Pakistan Academy of Letters in Islamabad.

Jamal Shah said the channel will include translated versions of different genres of regional literature including parables, adages, poetry and music so that youth in every part of the country, speaking any language can understand the essence of folk wisdom of our culturally diverse country.

H said the literature will also be published in the form of books and magazines and services of musicians and linguists of the relevant languages will be hired for this purpose.

The minister said the caretaker government has a limited tenure, but we will try to complete this project at the earliest.

Jamal Shah called for creating awareness among the young generation about their regional languages and rich lingual identities along with inculcating the spirit of celebrating unity in diversity.

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The two-day conference will deliberate on ways to promote children’s literature in regional languages.

It is pertinent to mention that Shah’s great work in the field of arts is not limited to showbiz, as the great painter and sculptor also holds the credit for sculpting the bronze bust of Pakistani Nobel laureate, Dr Abdus Salam, which was unveiled at the International Atomic Energy Agency last year. INP

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