Owner of Butt Karahi Lahore arrested

Butt Karahi Lahore

LAHORE: The owner of a well-known culinary spot, Butt Karahi Lahore, has reportedly been arrested for his alleged involvement in electricity theft.

Under the leadership of the Chief Executive of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) Engineer Shahid Haider, the anti-electricity theft campaign is underway across the region.

According to a spokesperson of LESCO in this regard, the authorities of the McLeod Road Division conducted an operation in Lakshmi Chowk. During the operation, the owner of a shop named Butt Karahi Tikka Lahore was found involved in electricity theft.

The accused were stealing electricity by connecting a wire to the LESCO transmission line. Three air conditioners were running on stolen electricity, while stolen electricity was also being supplied to 7 flats.

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The LESCO authorities disconnected the illegal connection and registered a case against the accused at the concerned police station. The accused was also arrested. The accused was charged 15,524 units under the detection bill.

Previously the owner Butt Karahi Tikka was also caught red-handed stealing electricity a few days ago.

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