Over 500 PIA flights cancelled in 11 days


KARACHI: Flight operations of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) have been severely restricted as 58 domestic and international flights have been canceled for Friday, 22 flights to and from Karachi.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is on the verge of a shutdown as it cancelled over 500 flights in the past 11 days due to the unavailability of fuel.

All seven flights from Karachi to Islamabad are PK300, PK301, PK308, PK309, PK368, PK369 and PK319 while four flights from Karachi to Lahore PK302, PK303, PK304 and PK305 have been repealed.

More of the cancelled flights include Karachi-Bahawalpur PK588 and PK589, Karachi-Rahim Yar Khan PK582 and PK583, Karachi-Quetta PK310 and PK311, Karachi-Sukkur PK 536 and PK537, Karachi to Dubai PK213, Karachi-Multan PK330 and Dammam-Karachi PK242.

Similarly, Lahore to Jeddah flight PK759, Bahrain PK189 and PK190, Dubai PK203, Salalah PK129 and PK130, Dammam PK247 and PK 248 have been cancelled.

Meanwhile, flights from Sialkot to Dubai PK179, Muscat PK281 and PK282, Sialkot to Jeddah PK746 and Kuwait City to PK240 have been cancelled.

PIA fails to secure loans amid daily flight cancellations

Islamabad to Sharjah PK181, Gilgit PK601, PK602, PK605 and PK606, Quetta PK325 and PK326, Skardu PK451 and PK452, Sukkur PK631 and PK632, Dubai PK211 and PK 212, Abu Dhabi PK261 and PK262, Sharjah PK182 are included in the canceled schedule.

Peshawar to Sharjah PK257 and PK258, Abu Dhabi PK217 and PK218, Dubai to Peshawar PK284, Jeddah PK736 and Dubai to Multan PK222 have also been cancelled.

Spokesman of PIA Athar Awan while talking to a private news channel said: “The operation of the airline has been severely limited while the International flights of profitable and essential sectors have been restored in any case”.

He added that domestic flights are non-existent. Deficit flights from local smaller stations are being canceled more often.

The national flag carrier is facing arguably its worst crisis in history as Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has cut the fuel supply over unpaid dues.

The move forced the airline to cancel 537 flights since Oct 13.

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