No challan for licence token holders for three days

traffic challans

LAHORE: In a move to provide immediate relief to the citizens grappling with the arduous process of obtaining a driving licence, Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has declared a respite period of three days, during which no challan will be issued for licence token holders.

This announcement came during the Chief Minister’s impromptu late-night visit to the bustling Police Facilitation Center at Liberty, prompted by the notable surge of people seeking licence services.

Amidst the crowded center, citizens voiced their grievances, detailing the extensive waiting times exacerbated by a sluggish networking system.

 Chief Minister Naqvi, taking cognizance of the predicament faced by the public, promptly instructed the Director-General of Punjab Information Technology Board to enhance and expedite the system’s efficiency.

A dedicated team was promptly dispatched to the center to address the technological challenges hindering the swift processing of licence applications.

Offices in Lahore directed to be made smoke-free

Assuring the citizens of swift resolution to their complaints, Caretaker Chief Minister Naqvi emphasized the urgency of expediting the entire process of obtaining a driving licence and also announced that no challans will be issued to licence token holders for three days.

His directive aimed at streamlining the system for sign test takers reflects a commitment to ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for individuals navigating the complexities of licence acquisition.

As the wheels of administrative reform are set in motion, citizens can anticipate a more efficient and responsive licensing system in the days to come.

Large number of people have started applying for driver licence after the Punjab government announcement of increasing fees from Jan 1, 2024.

The Punjab government has decided to raise learner’s driving license fee from Rs60 to Rs1,000.

The cabinet also decided to raise fee for LTV (light transport vehicle), HTV (heavy transport vehicle) and PSV (public service vehicle) licence, while the citizens of the US, Canada and other countries can apply online and will be charged $100 as license fee.

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