Nikah during iddat case: IHC stops recording witnesses’ statements

Imran Bushra nikkah

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) intervened on Friday, preventing the trial court from recording statements of witnesses in the case involving the Nikah of PTI founder and Bushra Bibi during the Iddat period.

Chief Justice Aamer Farooq presided over the hearing of a petition filed against the Nikah during Iddat, with Salman Akram Raja representing the former prime minister and Bushra Bibi in court.

During the proceedings, Raja highlighted that the entire district judiciary was engaged in matters at Adiala Jail, emphasising that witness statements would be recorded on the day. Responding to this, Justice Aamer Farooq indicated that the court would intervene to halt the recording of statements but requested a briefing on the case details first.

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Inquiring about the duration of the Iddat period, the court was informed by Raja that, even assuming the petitioner’s statement was accurate, the Nikah had taken place after 48 days.

He elaborated on the typical 90-day duration of Iddat but referenced Maulana Taqi Usmani’s explanation and a Supreme Court verdict on the matter.

The court raised the possibility of regularizing the Nikah even if it occurred during the Iddat period, questioning the nature of any offense committed if the Nikah did not adhere to standard procedures.

Subsequently, the IHC Chief Justice directed the trial court to refrain from recording witness statements in the Nikah during Iddat case.

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