‘New tragedy’, Angelina Jolie unhappy with Pakistan’s repatriation of Afghan refugees

Angelina Jolie Pakistan

WEB DESK: Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie on Monday voiced her criticism of Pakistan’s move to swiftly repatriate Afghan refugees deemed to be residing in the country illegally. 

“Pakistan has been a supporter for many Afghan refugee families for decades. I am saddened they would so abruptly push back refugees who face the impossible realities of trying to survive in today’s Afghanistan, where women have again been deprived of all rights and the possibility of education, many are being imprisoned, and there is a deep humanitarian crisis,” wrote Jolie in an Instagram post.

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“It is yet another example of the backsliding in human rights globally, and is a new tragedy in the long history of the suffering of Afghan people – who have experienced nothing but war and conflict and displacement for over forty years, and are being abandoned by the world after all the promises that were made of a better future for the Afghan people,” she added. 

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The total Afghan refugees in Pakistan, as per the latest 2023 data, stands at over four million. This includes 1.3 million registered refugees, one million lacking any form of legal documentation, and 1.7 million currently undergoing verification of their identity documents. Many of these undocumented individuals are involved in small-scale businesses across the regions they inhabit.

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