Who will be the new Prime Minister of Pakistan?

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WEB DESK: The voting process for the 2024 general elections is scheduled to commence nationwide today. Citizens will play a pivotal role in determining the new Prime Minister through their votes.

A staggering 12 crore, 85 lakh, 85 thousand, and 760 registered voters are expected to participate, casting their votes in 855 constituencies spanning national and provincial assemblies.

Nationwide, 90 thousand 675 polling stations and 266 thousand 398 polling booths have been established.

Among these, 16 thousand 766 polling stations have been categorised as highly sensitive, while an additional 29 thousand 985 are marked as sensitive.

To ensure a secure and orderly election, the deployment of police, Civil Armed Forces, and Army personnel is planned.

Highly sensitive polling stations are equipped with CCTV cameras, and control rooms have been activated to monitor proceedings. The Election Commission has issued a code of conduct to uphold transparency in the polling process.

Voting will take place without interruption from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with government hospitals on alert. In Islamabad, 1 million, 83 thousand, and 29 voters will choose from 3 National Assembly seats.

The broader electoral landscape includes 141 seats in the National Assembly and 297 seats in the Punjab Assembly, with 7 crore, 32 lakh, 7 thousand, and 896 voters participating. Meanwhile, Sindh will see 2 crore 69 lakh voters select representatives for 61 National Assembly seats and 130 Sindh Assembly seats.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa expects 2 crore, 19 lakh, 28 thousand, and 119 voters for 45 National Assembly seats and 115 Provincial Assembly seats.

Balochistan’s participation involves 53 lakh 71 thousand voters deciding on 16 National Assembly seats and 51 Balochistan Assembly seats, with 94 thousand 769 voters exercising their right.

Presiding officers, under law enforcement supervision, have received ballot papers and other polling materials. The Pakistan Army will secure the most sensitive polling stations, and over 6 lakh security personnel will be on duty throughout the election.

Polling station doors will close at the designated time, with the Election Commission committed to releasing results within one hour of the conclusion of polling.


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