NCP vehicle profiling drive takes a hit in KP

NCP vehicle

PESHAWAR: In response to decisions made by the Provincial Apex Committee in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the initiative aimed at profiling non-customs paid (NCP) vehicles has experienced a slowdown.

Over the last two months, the Excise and Taxation Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has profiled 23,803 NCP vehicles.

According to official documents from the Excise and Taxation Department, details of the NCP vehicles profiled in the past two months across various districts of Malakand Division have been transmitted to the provincial government. The breakdown reveals 2570 vehicles in Bajaur district, 1793 in Buner district, 2984 in Chitral, 3365 in Lower Dir district, 3908 in Malakand district, 776 in Shangla district, 7053 in Swat district, and 1354 in Upper Dir district have undergone the profiling process.

Sources indicate that there are over 2,500 NCP vehicle dealerships in Malakand Division, with Swat alone accounting for up to 1,000. However, accurate data on NCP vehicles in Malakand Division and tribal districts is not available within any provincial government department. It is estimated that the presence of NCP vehicles in these districts exceeds 500,000.

Should NCP car owners in tribal districts, Malakand Division be worried?

Caretaker Minister of Excise and Finance for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ahmed Rasool Bangash, commenting on the ongoing NCP vehicle profiling campaign, mentioned that the profiling of NCP vehicles is under way in Malakand Division and tribal districts.

Addressing concerns about the campaign’s sluggish pace, the caretaker excise minister explained that apprehensions among NCP vehicle owners in Malakand Division had initially caused hesitation, fearing inclusion in the tax net. However, after a meeting with the Commissioner of Malakand, these concerns were addressed, leading to an acceleration of the profiling process. The minister also acknowledged that the shortage of excise staff has impacted the profiling process.

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