My salary as caretaker prime minister quite low: Kakar


ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar has said that even his own salary as the interim prime minister was quite low when it comes to his expenses in Islamabad as compared to Quetta.

Talking to the media, he also highlighted the “relatively low salaries” of parliamentarians and senators, with their earnings starting at a minimum of Rs0.50 million.

He said that even the minimum wage of Rs36,000 was also too meagre while expenditure costs were too high.

Kakar said the interim government was ready to assist the election commission for next elections. He said that the caretaker government has been formed through constitutional means, and they were aware of the significant challenges they were facing.

Talking about the hike in petroleum product prices in Pakistan, Kakar clarified that the prices of petroleum products are determined based on international market rates. He said that international market prices for oil were on the rise.

Kakar stressed the need for reforms in the tax system, stating that increasing the tax base was essential to improve the tax system and reduce the burden on the common man.

He also emphasized the importance of creating a secure and conducive environment for investment and strengthening government institutions.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the public, the caretaker prime minister stated that the government was actively working to address public issues.

No excuse to delay elections: PM Kakar

Regarding the recent increase in sugar prices, he attributed it to smuggling and illegal activities, and said actions were being taken against those involved.

He stated that Pakistan is former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s own country, and he can return when he wishes.

He clarified that Nawaz Sharif was sent abroad by the court, not the executive, and the courts will make decisions upon his arrival.

He emphasized that he did not consider any statements made by Bilawal Bhutto regarding him significant, as political parties often make various statements during their political rallies.

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