Multan: beggars disguised as Umrah pilgrims arrested

Beggars disguised as Umrah pilgrims arrested

MULTAN: In an operation at Multan airport, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) apprehended a group of beggars who were attempting to board a flight under the guise of Umrah pilgrims.

The group, consisting of 16 passengers, including a child, was initially traveling on Umrah visas. However, during the immigration process, it became apparent that these passengers had ulterior motives and were planning to seek alms in Saudi Arabia.

Further investigation revealed that the passengers (beggars) were heading to Saudi Arabia with the intention of begging for a living.

Upon reaching Saudi Arabia, they had planned to hand over half of the alms collected to agents who had facilitated their journey.

The group comprised of five men, 11 women, and one child.

It was discovered that they had agreed to give half of their earnings from begging to the agents involved in their travel arrangements.

After the expiration of their Umrah visas, these passengers had planned to return to Pakistan.

The arrested beggars were transferred to the Federal Investigation Agency’s Multan circle for further interrogation and legal action.

90% of beggars arrested abroad are Pakistani, Senate panel told

The arrests come a day after the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development disclosed to the Senate Committee on Overseas Pakistanis that a significant proportion of beggars are trafficked abroad through illicit channels.

During the session, the secretary of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis divulged to the Senate panel that a staggering 90% of beggars apprehended in foreign countries are of Pakistani origin.

He added, “Both the Iraqi and Saudi ambassadors have reported overcrowded jails due to these arrests.” Notably, a substantial number of pickpockets detained within the Haram in Saudi Arabia were traced back to Pakistan, exploiting Umrah visas for begging purposes.

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