Severe fog leads to motorway closures and flight disruptions

Motorways closed due to dense fog

ISLAMABAD: Heavy fog has engulfed various regions of the country, prompting the closure of significant motorways and causing traffic disruptions.

In a precautionary measure, traffic was diverted from Ismailia on the Swat Expressway as visibility dropped significantly.

Motorway M1, connecting Islamabad to Peshawar, is closed for traffic. Similarly, the M2 is closed from Lillah to Islamabad, affecting travel plans for commuters.

In the southern regions, heavy traffic entry from Lahore to Kot Momin on M2 has been halted, creating challenges for those on the road.

The M3 faces closure for heavy traffic from Faizpur to Darkhana, and the M4 is closed for traffic from Multan to Pindi Bhattian, both areas under the influence of dense fog.

In the Multan to Zahir Pir stretch, the M5 is closed for heavy traffic, further complicating travel plans for motorists.

Additionally, for the latest updates on motorway fog, the M14 motorway is temporarily shut down from Hakla to Dera Ismail Khan, further contributing to the list of affected routes due to the adverse weather conditions.

Multiple flights faced cancellations and diversions on due to dense fog, significantly impacting operations at Islamabad International Airport.

Earlier, visibility plummeted below 150 metres in the federal capital, posing a serious safety concern for aircraft operations.

In response to the adverse weather conditions, inbound Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights, namely PK-182 from Sharjah, PK-162 from Abu Dhabi, and PK-168 from Al-Qasim en route to Islamabad, were diverted to Lahore, as confirmed by a PIA spokesperson.

In a statement, the PIA spokesperson emphasised the airline’s commitment to passenger safety and the well-being of airport staff. “PIA management values all its guests and airport staff engaged in providing the best possible services,” the spokesperson stated.

Several other flights were also affected by the challenging weather conditions. Flights PK-451/452 to Skardu, PK-211/212 and PK-233 to Dubai, and PK-308 to Karachi had to be canceled.

Additionally, flight PK-236 from Dubai to Lahore was cancelled, while flight PK-726 from Riyadh to Lahore is scheduled to be diverted to Karachi.

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