Monthly fee increase revealed for Punjab schools

Lahore school monthly fee increase

LAHORE: In a significant move, the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) Board of Directors has given the green light to an increase in the monthly fees for partner schools.

This decision, which was made during the 86th meeting of the Board of Directors at the PEF’s head office, marks a pivotal development in the education sector.

Under the new approval, the PEF administration will disburse financial allocations to partner schools based on the students’ grade levels.

Starting from nursery to Class 2, the monthly fee per student will now be Rs650. For students in Class 3 to 5, the approved monthly fee is Rs700, while students in Class 6 to 8 will receive Rs800 per month.

This restructuring aims to better cater to the diverse educational needs across different grade levels.

The decision to revise the monthly fees is anticipated to have a positive impact on the financial stability of partner schools, ensuring they can provide quality education to students in an effective and sustainable manner.

Notably, this fee adjustment is applicable to partner schools situated in various cities across Punjab, including Lahore.

The 86th meeting, presided over by Dr Saeed Shafqat, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, exemplified a collaborative effort to make informed decisions for the benefit of both partner schools and students.

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