Mohsin Naqvi discloses new features of Lahore Safari Zoo

Lahore Safari Zoo

LAHORE: Caretake Chief Minister of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi announced on Friday that the Safari Zoo in Lahore will soon offer a Night Safari for the public.

H said that this would be a unique entertainment opportunity for the people of Punjab, especially the children.

Naqvi made the announcement after visiting the Safari Zoo and inspecting the progress of various projects.

He said that the Night Safari would follow international standards and protocols, and provide a thrilling experience of observing the animals in the dark.

He also said that the Safari Zoo would have a rest house where families could stay overnight, and that companies could also hold events there.

The chief minister said that the Safari Zoo and the Lahore Zoo projects would be completed by January 31, 2024. He said that there were three elephants and nine giraffes in the Lahore Safari Zoo, and that three more elephants would be brought there from the Lahore Zoo, where space was limited.

He said that tenders for the purchase of new animals had been issued, and that as soon as the animal habitat was completed in the zoo, the animals would be ordered.

He said that 100 different types of animals will be brought for the Lahore Zoo and the Safari Zoo, and that some of them had never been seen before by the children of Lahore.

He said that high-level efforts were under way to extract pandas from China, and that they would be a great attraction for the zoo visitors. He said that there were very few entertainment opportunities for children in Lahore, and that due to the poor condition of the existing facilities, people had lost interest.

He said that he had a strong belief in Allah Almighty and trust in the hard work of his team that the projects would be completed by the deadline.

Lahore Safari Zoo all set to reopen with exotic additions

He said that the ministers were monitoring these projects for three to five hours on a daily basis, and that he also took feedback from various organizations and continuously monitored the progress.

Naqvi said that his team reached wherever there was a risk of delay in the project, and that the Department of Construction and Communications was working on many projects.

He said that they were trying to complete the Rawalpindi Ring Road project in one and a half years, and that the SL3 and Gujranwala Expressway project would be completed by January 31.

He said that the Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi would also be completed by January 31, as the entire hospital was closed.

He said that the process of recruitment of police personnel would be completed soon.

The chief minister said that the holidays would be extended on the recommendations of the Education Department, and that currently they were till January 9.

He said that artificial rain would be attempted when suitable clouds arrived, but currently there were no clouds. He said that fog was covering the entire Punjab, and that Faisalabad, Sialkot and Lahore airports were closed due to fog.

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