May 9 violence, Leaked audio reveals all

may 9

ISLAMABAD: An alleged audio leak featuring PTI leader Samsam Bukhari has set off a wave of controversy, suggesting a premeditated conspiracy behind the assault on military installations on May 9.

The audio recording was presented by Atta Tarrar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on interior and legal affairs, during a press briefing on Monday.

In the leaked audio, Bukhari asserts that a core committee meeting had been convened three days before the May 9 incident, attended by prominent PTI figures such as Qasim Suri, Shehryar Afridi, Murad Saeed, and others.

May 9 ‘conspiracy against Pakistan within Pakistan’ : PM Shehbaz

It was purportedly decided during this meeting that a protest would be organized against the military in the event of PTI Chairman’s arrest, according to Bukhari.

Bukhari further elaborates that due to health concerns, he was not present. Upon learning of the news regarding the arrest of the PTI chairman, he apprehended the potential for violence and thus chose to remain in Okara.

Furthermore, he reveals that Shafqat Mehmood cautioned against a visit to the Corps Commander’s House, but his advice went unheeded.

Meanwhile, Atta Tarar, Advisor to the Prime Minister, showcased the audio during his press conference, asserting that it distinctly implicates the involvement of the PTI Chairman in the violence that transpired on May 9.

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